Zampa dog pen tested 2017

Camping with the zampa dog pen

My girlfriend and I went camping a few weeks ago at lake Whitney and we had the pleasure of furry four legged companions tag along. Originally I was unsure of how the dog’s would behave at a camp site since they would not be in their own domain along with sleeping in a tent. But after doing some research on a portable playpen for animals I felt a little at ease.
The zampa playpen for dogs was the perfect fit for my needs since It was portable, large enough for three small dog’s, durable, but yet light weight.

Summer time camping with dogs

Since we live in Texas and plan on doing some more summer camping I wanted the playpen to be comfortable for the summertime and the ZAMPA mesh top and walls made a perfect fit. I was also impressed with the durability of both the canvas and the mesh. The doors worked great and I did not have any problems with the zippers. I must say that while doing the research this was a common problem with both the ToysOpoly and ESK brand. I found several reviews that indicated the quality of the zipper was very poor and in most cases failed to secure the dog in the pen.

I also liked the fact that the top and bottom of the pen was removable, I did not have a need to remove either one but like the fact that if a spill or small doggy accident did occur I had that option.

I really wanted a pen that was comfortable for my dog and unlike the metal pens available on the market today. I was so glad to have found this zampa brand playpen on amazon.

Teach your dogs how to enjoy the pen.

If I were you I would slowly introduce your dog to the playpen by opening the door and putting a couple of their favorite toys inside. By doing so they can go into the playpen to retrieve their toy and do some tail wagging and nose checking while inside. Frankly, if your dog has never been crated for any length of time they would probably not like being locked in the playpen until they have become comfortable with it. Warm them up to the idea that the playpen is a good thing and let them understand it’s a safe place for them, if not, they may never go in on their own accord.  If your dog is already crate trained you will have an easy go at this and may not have any trouble at all.

I hope you have enjoyed the post and always appreciate feedback and comments.  If you feel your friends may like the post please share.

Wade B.

3 thoughts on “Zampa dog pen tested 2017

  1. I enjoyed your article. I am a dog lover myself and you hit the nail on the head, the pen allows the dog to be safe. Too many people just let their dogs run free when they are camping and they learn the hard and worst way. I think this pen is a great idea, I just need to convince my already timid Bella that it’s in her best interest. Thank you for your article, well done!

  2. Hi! Thanks so much for your review on the Zampa dog pen.

    I, too, wanted to take my dog with me camping and really didn’t want to bring a heavy cumbersome crate. The dog wouldn’t like it very much either. This seems to be the ideal solution.

    Does this pen come with a carrying bag?

    1. Thanks for the comments. To answer your question, yes indeed it does come with a carry bag. It was harder getting it back in the bag, but after re-rolling a second time it did go back in. 

      Thanks again and I hope you find what will work best for you and your dog.


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