Toxic to dogs

Common foods that are toxic to your dog

I love giving my dog’s treats and occasionally they get the last bite of my supper. I know that it’s not a favourable idea to let your dog eat human food. But if you’re like me those pretty brown eyes patiently watching every movement of your hand to mouth motion just grabs a hold of your heart and won’t let go. Every dog I’ve owned has that sixth sense that tells them you’re almost finished with your meal. Although it could be the scrapping of the fork on the plate that clues them in. Whatever the case may be it is imperative that you have a good understanding of what is deemed safe and what is considered toxic to your dog. I recently read an article that outlines just that. Foods that are toxic to your dog and the article was written by Dr. Michael Ciepluch, a lecturer at the Texas A&M college of veterinary medicine and biological sciences. In the article, Dr.Ciepluch explained that there are many common foods that we eat that could prove to be detrimental to your dog’s health. Most of these foods I already knew about. But I did learn of a few new ones. As mentioned earlier, really no human food is good for your dog as human foods are typically too high in sugars and sodium.

A list of those toxic foods found in his article are….







He also mentioned sugar free gum and diet soft drinks can also prove to be deadly for your dog since it contains xylitol an artificial sweetener commonly found in “sugar free” products.

There are several household items that can be deadly for your dog also. But one of these products is used in every car in America, antifreeze.  Unfortunately antifreeze causes thousands of deaths for both cats and dogs annually. Antifreeze is added to a cars radiator for the sole purpose of keeping the coolant in the engine from freezing. Antifreeze is normally green in color and has a sweet taste and this is why dog’s will drink it. So if you ever have a coolant spill please do diligence and clean it up and dispose of it properly. Another household item mentioned was the decorative plant “sago palm” and lilies. And one last thing I would like to mention and that is alcoholic beverages. Alcoholic drinks are harmful for dog’s and some symptoms of alcohol consumption are very similar to humans. Dog’s will show signs of alcohol toxicity that include diarrhea, vomiting, staggering or walking sideways, and difficulty breathing. Bottom line is to keep alcohol out of reach of your dog.

Your dog depends on you to keep them healthy and you should always be prepared for an emergency.

If you ever suspect your dog has consumed something poisonous you can contact the ASPCA  (American society for the prevention of cruelty to animals) 24-hour Poison Control Hotline at (888) 426-4435. For more information about their impact on animals lives visit

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