Dog saves kid from snake

Dog saves child from snake bite.

The weather is changing across the country and is already another warm, wet spring here in North Texas and summer is on our heels. It’s 90 degrees today! With it comes beautiful blue bonnets and wildflowers, birds nesting, squirrels chattering, plus snakes slithering! The recent storms have stirred them up and they’re​ stirring up a storm. We have had an abundance of snakes this year in Texas according to a friend of mine who catches rattlesnakes for fun and shows them at various “snake roundups”  So now is the time to clear the brush, pick up any tree branches or leaves that have fallen this winter, rid your yard and along the fencing of all tall grass so you can protect your family and pets from snakebites. I say this from experience.. Read on..


I once lived along the banks of the Brazos river, our house was literally 220 feet from the first embankment. One afternoon my children and I were walking along the trail down to the river and our dog “Bo” was leading the way. rattle snakes and dogsWe never saw the snake but we heard Bo’s loud “Yelp” and then saw him wrestling something in the tall grass. I knew what was happening, I just couldn’t believe it. We walked that trail to the river hundreds of times before and never had any problems with snakes attacking. The typical encounter with a snake was such as a spider, you see it, acknowledge it, and both parties go separate ways. But today that changed. So, I quickly moved my kids back up the hill to the house and Bo followed us. It did not take long for the swelling to begin, and his nose had two distinct punctures that were bleeding. Obviously, panic set in and off to the veterinarian office in Millsap we went. It was the doctor that told us literally “nothing he could do”. We had a wait and see, minute by minute situation on our hands. So we took Bo home and and tried to make him as comfortable as we could.  The swelling continued and the vet said it was not the poison likely to kill him, it would be a inability to eat or worse, breathe due to the swelling in his face, nose, and mouth. The first night was sleepless as we would check on him regularly. The first couple of days we feed him milk for puppies through a turkey baster which was not really that easy because it was hard to tell if he was getting any at all sometimes. But after about 3 days of this his head, (that was the size of a football) began to shrink down a bit and he began drinking a little water. On the sixth day he finally ate some soft wet dog food and was improving rather well, indicating that Bo would make it out of this mess.


I have always wondered if Bo took one for the team that day and he intentionally saved one of my children’s life. Seeing that snake on the trail or perhaps beside the trail he knew some how that my kids would be in danger. Obviously I will never know exactly what prompted the snake to bite or if Bo reacted first. I can say as many snakes we saw on the brazos river as we floated or fished, Bo had never investigated them that close and certainly stayed away from them after the incident. That is just another reason to love and cherish time spent with your dog, that loyalty, guardianship, and love they have for humans is forever.



If you and your dog are out for a walk in the local park or hiking the trail to the high sierra, always watch in front of you and your dog for dangers along the way. Sometimes we become lax or comfortable in our everyday surroundings and miss the dangers lurking ahead. So get busy today and check out the back yard for hiding spots for snakes. Just give it a closer look before opening the door and letting your dog outside. They do have “snake away” as a snake repellent that you can spread around the house and yard if you live in an area that is known for its snake population. Trust me it couldn’t hurt but a snake bite sure does.


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  1. Dogs natural instinct is incredible. I do believe Bo took one for the team! My female German shepherd alerted me to a rattle snake here in granbury tx. Would not let anyone near the rattler and continued to bark until we were able to dispose of the rattle snake. Great article, and great dog bo was.

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