Exercising & Play Time

Great exercises make a healthy dog.

All dogs should get some kind of exercise because as they get older their joints and ligaments stiffen, arthritis can settle in or even hips and the spine can fail the canine species. Hmm, that sounds like us humans. It’s up to you to know what kind of condition your pet is in. A veterinarian will know best and I suggest you follow his or her advice.
I take into consideration their age and activity level before starting something new with my dog that includes just playing around with a new toy. 

Not every dog needs agility training such as this german shepard. But all dogs need some form of exercise.

Anytime is a good time to play with your dog

Me personally, I try to play while we are just hanging out watching youtube. I figure why not make it fun and play a game with their favorite toy while we’re inside. Sometimes I take my boys to the dog park and throw the ball or we may venture a path at the nature trails. I think they like the trails the most because all of the strange smells. The point is to keep your dog active and make sure he doesnt lay around 24/7 and become an unfit and unhealthy.

In the coming months I will post different exercises, games and activities that you and your dog can do together. So check our site often or better yet sign up for our newsletter covering latest news events in the world of dogs.

Always use common sense and stay safe when doing anything new or start a exercise program and follow the advice of your veterinarian.

Love them, treat them kind for they will love you even when you don’t


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