Bissell Bark Bath Review

Bissell Bark Bath Review

Bissell BarkBath Portable Dog Bath System

Bissell pet vacuums are gaining popularity and it is no surprise. Seriously, have you ever bathed your dog? I mean who would have thought that giving your dogs a bath could be so difficult? Not all dogs, but the majority of them will not go quietly to the dreaded bath tub. I have one now that won’t venture into the bathroom under any circumstance. Not to mention you will have that definable moment you realize the bathtub drain is now clogged with their hair.  Or you could use a groomer which requires an appointment and cash! If you own a dog, surely you are familiar with these difficulties.

Regardless, whether your dog loves water or not, there’s a new, modern machine on the market to make the task easy.  A vacuum that will make bathing time much easier on you and it’s called the BarkBath Portable Dog Bath System by Bissell.

Next Generation of Dog-Bathing?

“The Bissell Barkbath Portable Dog Bath System is the next generation of dog-bathing. No longer do you have to put your dog in the tub or take them outside and wash them with a running water hose.  This system offers an easier, faster and less messy way for you to bathe your four-legged best friend. With this portable bathing system, you will be able to bathe your dog almost anywhere with no mess afterwards. The nozzles have been specifically designed in order to get under the dogs fur, right down to the skin in order to allow water and shampoo to wash the skin clean. There’s a soft suction that pulls the dirt and water from the dog”.

5 W’s – Who what when where and why…

When starting out on this review of the BarkBath system I had several questions, so I began where you are now, searching google and reading the reviews on the Bissell pet vacuum, In the beginning I wasn’t sure what the official name was but new who made it.

Who: The family owned Bissell vacuum company has been making vacuum cleaners since 1876 and they have a neat story on how it got started. Around year 2000 they discovered that all of the employes at BISSELL® share a love for pets and that 72% of them are pet owners! Since then their commitment to the pet industry and pets alike is really impressive. Bissell has created a pet foundation and partnerships with shelters contributing millions of dollars to making life better for all pets.

Thumbs up Bissell! And Thank You!

What: Bissell Bark Bath Bathing vacuum. With the Bissell BarkBath Portable Dog Bath System, you can easily clean your dog.  This is a nice all-in-one system that uses up to 50 times less water than you would use if you were to bathe your dog in the tub, or using the water hose outside. So you’ll be doing your part on saving water. This system only uses 48 ounces of water and works just as good.

When: Anytime really, It doesn’t matter if it’s 32 degrees outside or in the middle of the summer. The vacuum was designed to minimize the amount of soap and water to clean your pet in the comfort of your home or on the road in your R.V. After the bath your dog will be slightly damp to the touch but it does a good job of drying the pet during the whole process and with a quick towel wipe your dog will be good to go in minutes.

Where: The fact that it only weighs around 10 pounds when empty and 48 ounces of water weighs about 3.1 pounds for a total of 13 pounds you can virtually clean your dog anywhere. The unit  has a 15 foot power cord, plus an additional six feet of tool hose to work with. But I must add you are washing your dog! Don’t think for a minute it can’t get messy. I recommend washing your pet on a hard surface that won’t be damaged by water and that can easily be dried after the bath. It will get some water on the ground.

Why: In my opinion of course, but I think this is a great tool to own. I have a shop vac. Why not a dog vac. Seriously though It accomplishes several things.
1. You can clean an 60 pound dog with no more than 48 ounces of water.
2. It cuts down on additional cost of groomers.
3. It’s completely portable and easy to use.  
4. Bissells commitment and dedication to the betterment of our beloved pets.
5. Your dog’s smell great all the time with no real hassle.
6. Clever accessories include a storage bag, a microfiber mat and clothes for sensitive areas like the paws and face.
7. Bissell carries a large assortment of items that support this product including shampoos and cleaners that are pet related.
8. The unit comes with a one year warranty

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